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A Marketing Technology Company

Infusing software into communicaton

Klickrr is a marketing technology company co-located in Atlanta and New Delhi. Our company is focused on leveraging software to more effectively connect companies with their audiences. Our international team is led by a set of co-founders with expertise in marketing and software development and we work with a range of strategic partners providing expertise across industries. Our clients range from start ups to non-profits to multinational corporations.


With decades of experience in web development and marketing, the Klickrr team has a proven track record of work that gets results.  We make it efficient for our clients’ communication to break through.  


15+ years of marketing and software development expertise


Over 10MM Connection made via the Klickrr platform annually


With over 100 satisfied clients ranging from start ups to large corporations


We use Klickrr to send thousands of unique survey links, increasing the response rate to our surveys and enabling much better data capture.

Brain Ghostwriting

We use Klickrr to promote publishing, editing and ghostwriting services and have experienced a 50% increase in sales

C&D Water

We've cut down on wasted resources by communicating with our customers realtime to determine when service is required.

Our Customers Text for a Variety of Reasons

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