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A Better Messaging Software
With an easy to use, do it yourself messaging platorm, you have the power to send messages whenever and wherever you need to.  Join our satisfied customers and start sending texts today!
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Send Bulk Texts

Promo, Surveys, Notifications

Still not sure if texting is for you? Here is some pretty convincing data:


  • 82% of people say they open every text message they receive

  • 70% think SMS marketing is a great way to get their attention

  • 83% would like to receive appointment reminders via text, but only 20% of businesses send them this way

  • 54% would like to receive promotions via text message, but only 11% of businesses send them this way

  • 50% of consumers say they would opt into a text based loyalty program if they were offered deals or coupons in return


Ready to start exploring how to build more intimate relationships with your customers?

Use a Keyword for increased, immediate engagement

A keyword is a word that you configure so that when a customer sends that keyword to you as a text message, it triggers an automated response of your choosing.  When a customer sends one of your keywords to you as a text message, it automatically opts them into your text list - as double opt-in isn’t necessary in this case.


You could choose keywords that are connected to your brand in some way, and use them in a variety of different campaigns.  

Klickrr makes it easy to configure and adjust keywords and automatic responses.

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Super short and easy to make

Short Links

A standard text message is only 160 characters.  In order to include a link, you need to shorten it.  Klickrr has developed a tool to help you create really short links for free. 

Our short links come with a complimentary QR code and analytics.

Choose the Best Monthly Plan

  • Beginner

    Every month
    Perfect for those just beginning
    • 1250 messages*
    • Dedicated Toll Free Number
    • List Builder
    • Schedule Messages to Send Later
    • Delivery reporting
    • Only $0.025/message over 1250
    • 1 Keyword
  • Expert

    Every month
    best price per message
    • 10000 messages*
    • Dedicated Toll Free Number
    • List Builder
    • Message Scheduler
    • Delivery Reports
    • Only .025 for messages over 10000
    • 5 Keywords

*Messages are charged per 160 character message segment.


We use Klickrr to send thousands of unique survey links, increasing the response rate to our surveys and enabling much better data capture.

Brain Ghostwriting

We use Klickrr to promote publishing, editing and ghostwriting services and have experienced a 50% increase in sales

C&D Water

We've cut down on wasted resources by communicating with our customers realtime to determine when service is required.

Our Customers Text for a Variety of Reasons

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