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Bianca Blake, an experience global marketer, has witnessed first-hand the expansive shifts within product and strategic marketing over the past 15  years. As a global marketing expert with experience across numerous  industries including pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and fast-moving  consumer goods, Mrs. Blake understands the importance of connecting products and services with the consumers they aim to serve. She is an expert at direct-to-consumer communication and delivers results across dynamic global environments. 

Currently, Bianca is the proud co-founder of, a digital marketing agency company that she has built from a small marketing consultancy to now include a robust,  easy-to-use SMS software. The company has served over 100 customers across the globe and sent more than  5M SMS messages since the software was developed. Klickrr’s clients range from governments to non profits and small businesses. 

Prior to entering the entrepreneurship world, Bianca managed brands within the US and around the world for  several Fortune 100 companies including Merck, GSK, Johnson and Johnson and Bayer, many with annual  sales well over $300MM. Her work with global brands has spanned North America, South America, Europe,  and Sub-Saharan Africa, including a 3-year assignment in South Africa. 

Bianca holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.B.A with a concentration in Marketing and Brand  Management from Florida A&M University. She has continued her executive education at the Tuck School  of Business at Dartmouth as part of her shift to entrepreneurship. 

Originally from Fayetteville, GA, Bianca now lives in Marietta and enjoys spending time with her family and exploring culture via global travel.

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