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Klickrr Feature List

Send Bulk SMS

Need to send messages to a list of contacts. The Klickrr ‘Do It Yourself’ texting platform makes sending bulk texting as easy as sending email blasts!

Send Bulk MMS

Want to include images in messages?  Your Klickrr account comes standard with the ability to send a graphic to showcase products or services, ideal solution for salons, clothing brands, restaurants, realtors and more!

Short Links

Sending a link? We can shorten longer links to fit within 160 SMS character limit. All Klickrr accounts provide a complimentary link shortener feature that will automatically shortens links to less than 25 characters for easy inclusion in text, social media posts or wherever you need to use a shorter link.

Auto Responders

Klickrr Keywords are a great way to provide an immediate response to incoming messages.  Configure a Klickrr Keyword to trigger a customized pre-written message when someone texts it to you – try texting Klickrr to (833) 630-9863 to see this feature in action!

Great for sending promo codes, documents, links to events and so much more.

Number Porting

If your company already has a text messaging program in place, Klickrr can create an account and port your existing number into your Klickrr account.  This is helpful to make sure your recipients continue receiving messages from a familiar phone number.



List Upload

How do the numbers get into your Klickrr account?

  1. Already have a list? Simply upload it to your Klickrr account and start sending messages.
  2. Build a dynamic list using our complimentary, compliant list builder.
  3. Use a Klickrr Keyword to build a list of everyone who texts the Keyword into your Klickrr number.

All Klickrr accounts accommodate unlimited contacts and allow you to add or delete lists at any time.


Dedicated Toll Free Number

Klickrr accounts come standard with a dedicated Toll-Free phone number.  No sharing phone numbers with any other company.  Our team validates your number with all major carriers to ensure optimal delivery of all text campaigns.



Already have systems and need to integrate texting?  Our expert Klickrr development team can embed our platform into virtually any existing software or application.  CRMs, databases, mobile apps or other software?  No problem, provide our team access and we will plug the texting capability right in!


<h5>Christian(Event Manager)</h5>
Christian(Event Manager)
Conference Texting
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We needed to send scheduled messages during the conference sessions. I was amazed with the quality of help and support you guys offered and you will be my first choice each time I will need to integrate SMS in our campaign or recommend you to my partners. Thank you again for all your help!
<h5>Andrea(<span>Conference Planner</span>)</h5>
Andrea(Conference Planner)
Text Marketing
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This report is much more impressive. We thank you for doing a great job! Executed the work as instructed! Excellent talent and responsiveness! You did a fantastic job with this project! Delivered precisely what was asked! All of our needs were met! You should be very proud of yourself!
<h5>Mike(<span>Restaurant Owner</span>)</h5>
Mike(Restaurant Owner)
Better than my last texting company
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They are way better than my last text messaging service. I left and then came right back!
Rohu(<span>Property Manager</span>)
Rohu(Property Manager)
Text Communication
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There was some initial confusion in the beginning but the Klickrr team was super responsive. We reached to a positive conclusion in the end. The delivery was on time and the team was courteous to put my campaign needs up in their delivery queue. Definitely going to work with them again.
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Send Text Messages With Klickrr

Klickrr is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that helps you send compliant SMS messages that cut through the clutter. Create automated responses, shorten links to less than 25 characters and send bulk text on an easy to use, Do It Yourself platform. Klickrr makes it easy to connect in real-time with relevancy.

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