Klickrr Texting Services – An IBPA Member Benefit

IBPA members are eligible to receive one month of free Klickrr texting when signing up for a monthly subscription.  The $29 monthly subscription covers 1250 messages per month, the $199 subscription covers 10000 messages per month.  There is no contract or commitment, you can cancel anytime.  The IBPA Membership promotion will apply to new accounts.​ ​Klickrr subscriptions include:
  • Text Enabled Toll free number
  • Easy to use interface including 1 to 1 texting and bulk texting
  • Text message scheduling
  • Short links
  • Delivery Analytics
  • Message Personalization
  • Keywords that generate automatic responses
 Create a Klickrr account and use the promo code from the IBPA membership Benefits Handbook to access the free month of texting. Log into the “members only” area of the IBPA website to download a current copy of the IBPA Membership Benefits Handbook for more information.