New Number Who Dis?

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New Number Who Dis?

The other day I laughed hard when my sister told me a story about receiving a random text message she got:
It turns out, the message was from our little cousin, whom my sister was picking up from school that day. He’d gotten a new phone, and she didn’t have his number saved. Thus the content of his message seemed way too personal for someone she didn’t feel like she knew when she first looked at the message.
As you plan out the content of your text campaigns, don’t be like my little cousin.
When someone first signs up for your text list, send them a welcome message. Not only will it establish a message history, but it will serve to acclimate your customer to what it’s like to receive text communication from you.
Within your welcome message, and any other message your customer gets from you, identify yourself early on. That way, your customers can quickly see that the message is coming from you, someone they trust.
Another way to personalize the messages and deepen the degree of intimacy with your customer is to use their name. In doing so, you signal to your customers that you already have an established relationship, and you’re communicating with them to further it.
With Klickrr, you can personalize texts by inserting the [FNAME] code into your messages when sending. That way, when you send the message, it will feel more familiar.
Pro tip: If you don’t have your customers’ first name on your list, you can use the word “Friend” or something similar, in the FNAME field.
Have a look at your contact list. Do you have first names? If so, are you using them when you address your audience? Have a look at your opt in sequence. Are you asking for names when folks are signing up to hear from you? A teeny bit of familiarity will go a long way when texting.
Just remember how you feel when you receive a text from someone whose number isn’t already listed in your phone…Um, WHO DIS???

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