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Hire a Klickrr photographer or videographer for a half day, full day or event specific shoot.


-Viola Llewellyn, Chief Operating Officer, Ovamba

“This team was extremely helpful in developing and supporting the execution of the marketing strategy. They ensured that our branding, content creation, and sales support plans are carried out with excellence to meet our ultimate business goals.”


  • Half Day Shoot: $700.00 USD

  • Full Day Shoot: $1,500.00 USD

  • 1min Video: $3,500.00 USD

Services Included

  • Half Day Shoot: 4hrs of photography and a digital copy of photos

  • Full Day Shoot- 7hrs of photography and a digital copy of photos

  • 1 min video ? script development, stock imagery sourcing, 2hr video shoot, editing and a digital copy of the final video file.

  • Interested and want to learn more? Need a more customized photography or videography package? Click here to contact our team. A representative will respond within 1 business day to schedule a FREE consultation.

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