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Our team will take your message and design an email to send to your audience.  This includes sourcing photography, videos, or gifs; layout, grammar/spell checking, and subject line creation.


Our email builder is designed to create branded emails that are automatically responsive so they look great on any device. We send to any list up to 25,000 recipients.


Interested and want to learn more?  Need a more customized email program? Click here to contact our team.  A representative will respond within 1 business day to schedule a FREE consultation.  

  • 1 email: $50.00 USD

  • Package of 5 emails: $200.00 USD

  • More than 5 email: Contact for special project pricing


-Renita B., Founder, Mynd Matters Publishing

“I am very pleased with the work done by the team to help one of my authors (B.B. McNeil) get her first ever book launched via social media. They took direction well and allowed me to add to my independent publishing company’s service offerings thereby providing a more comprehensive publishing experience to my authors.”


  • Gain valuable customer insights

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty

  • Run targeted ads with real-time results

  • Generate higher converting leads

  • Provide rich customer experiences

  • Increase website traffic and search ranking

  • Find out what your competitors are doing

  • Share content faster and easier

  • Geotarget content

  • Build relationships


Tiffany’s book, ‘Drop the Ball,’ launched in February 2017 in support of her mission to advance issues specific to women and girls. Tiffany used social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to continue amplification of her book and mission throughout the launch year.


B.B. McNeil’s “Just One Kiss’ book launch was supported by a weekly social media program across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Our team developed graphics and share text for the author’s social media pages and executed paid social media campaigns to promote the virtual launch party. 

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